Plans FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Unlimited" mean?

Unlimited means you can add as many tasks as you like to your Product Backlog and a DevOps engineer will work through them, one at a time.

How long will XYZ task take?

There will always be varying degrees of complexity across tasks. This is why we do estimates up-front to set expectations and to assist with integrating NextOps DevOps with your team.

Can you work 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

Even though we use as much automation as we can as well as some AI, NextOps Unlimited DevOps plans are for one engineer who is a human and works 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. We will look at plans later that allow for adding more engineering effort, either as a team working in parallel, around-the-clock or 'follow the sun.'

What does `pausing` mean?

Pausing your Unlimited plan means just that and will prevent further debits being made up until you decide to `un-pause`. When you pause, we will `down tools` and move any in-progress tasks back onto the Backlog.

My plan is for the month in-advance. What happens if I cancel?

We hope you won't be wanting to cancel and its always best, in business, to talk first. However, if you cancel we will provide a `good faith` rebate for the balance of the unused days in the month.

What are the `referrals` mentioned in the Partner DevOps plan?

NextOps is focussed on the `Day 1` work of coding for infrastructure and containers. We don't do the `Day 0` work of design and specifications nor the `Day 2` business-as-usual work of managing and monitoring the Cloud apps and infrastructure. This makes us a great partner for `Day 0` and `Day 2` business and we pay back with commission-free referrals for that business. It's icing on the cake.


Cloud infrastructure and container images, on-tap.

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