Unlimited DevOps Engineering for Public Cloud and Kubernetes

NextOps is DevOps as a Service from USD1995 per month

Everything as Code

DevOps Code Factory

Goodbye ClickOps. Hello GitOps

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Infrastructure as Code for Azure, AWS and GCP including Kubernetes clusters (AKS, EKS, GKE respectively)

Application Modernization

Containerization for Javascript, Java (and other JVM languages), Go, Python, PHP

Application Orchestration

Application Orchestration for Apps and Containers

Partners in DevOps

Complete Implementation and Testing Solution

NextOps delivers DevOps capability

NextOps provides the Implementation and Testing stages of the Software Delivery Lifecycle with Infrastructure as Code, Containers and Application Deployment / Application Orchestration.

An opportunity for Managed Service Providers and Value Added Resellers

A complete DevOps implementation for SaaS Startups, E-commerce, Fintech and more

Unlimited DevOps

DevOps as a Service

DevOps capability on-tap

The Cost of Capability

NextOps is a cost-effective alternative to hiring or outsourcing.

Small subscription equals big capabilities

NextOps fills the capability gap for a fraction of the cost of hiring a DevOps Engineer.

More consistent and specialized than hiring freelancers

DevOps skills can be hard to acquire, find or retain engineering talent for.

DevOps for your Dev Team

Enable developers to focus on delivering value through software.

All Plans Include Unlimited Requests

Cancel or Pause at anytime

Starter DevOps

Infrastructure as Code for AWS.

per month
  • Infrastructure as Code with Cloudformation for AWS (limited services supported)
  • Container images for Open Source applications

Pro DevOps

Plus Terraform and Kubernetes

Per Month
  • Everything from Starter DevOps
  • Infrastructure as Code with ARM templates for Azure
  • Infrastructure as Code for AWS, Azure and GCP with Terraform
  • Kubernetes (built-in resource types)
  • Container images for in-house and commercial applications

Partner DevOps

Friends with Benefits!

Per Month
  • Everything from Pro DevOps
  • CDK sources for synthesized CFN and TF templates
  • Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs)
  • Custom Terraform modules
  • Crossplane resources for managing Public Cloud resources with Kubernetes
  • Listing on our Partner page
  • Referrals for Cloud design and BAU support

Got questions?

Schedule a call to see if NextOps is a fit for your business.

The Path of Least Resistance

Low barrier to entry

NextOps is DevOps as a Service on a Subscription.

Pause or Cancel at any time.

No labor agreements or protracted processes.

No recruiting or advertising costs

No payroll tax or insurance.

No agency fees or indifferent companies-in-the-middle

Simple accounting and budgeting


Cloud infrastructure and container images, on-tap.

NextOps is <code \> for the Cloud